Best Sources for Macros

Clinton Cox
March 14, 2023
Best Sources for Macros

In our last post we briefly covered what each macro-nutrient is, and where most of us fall short.

Here we'd like to quickly cover your best sources for each.


As a population we do not eat enough protein, and as it is absolutely necessary for brain development and muscle tissue support, that is where we will start.

Your absolute best source here is lean meats: chicken, fish, egg whites (whole eggs are vitamin packed but the yolk also packs some fat so be aware of that).

Some other options would include dairy products (greek yogurt, cottage cheese), tofu, and plant-based meat substitutes.


Although you can find these everywhere in our supermarkets today, your best source for these will always be fruits (any & all of them), potatoes (sweet & white), rice, and oatmeal. I say best sources because these will also be packed with vitamins as well as carbohydrates, the same will not be said for carbohydrates from processed foods.

Try to avoid grains (aside from the listed oatmeal).


Just like carbohydrates, fat is abundant in the typical American diet. However, it is practically all saturated fats, trans fats, and omega-6 fats (rich in arachidonic acid) which is bad news if you are looking to avoid cardiac arrest.

Much better options would be to get your fats from nuts & seeds, olive oil, avocados, or classic dairy made butters.

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