How is Penance Different (Bootcamp Studio)

While there are a few similarities between Penance Gym a Bootcamp or HIIT Studio, there are also a few stark differences.
Clint Cox
February 22, 2023
How is Penance Different (Bootcamp Studio)

When you've done this as long as I have, you notice patterns.

A common pattern is the questions that I get when someone moves over to Penance from another gym, whether it be another functional fitness facility, a bootcamp studio, or a 24 hour globo gym.

***This was initially meant to be 1 post, but there was just too much to cover.

This time around, lets cover the transition from a bootcamp studio (OrangeTheory or similar) to Penance Gym.

From the outside looking in, there are enough similarities between these 2 that it can be difficult to spot the differences.


Groups of people - sweating, smiling, having a good time together - each on a mission toward better health.

Each group or class is instructor or coach led.

The difference:

We believe that having adequate levels of strength makes everything in life easier, not to mention the proper balance of strength provides resilience and resistance to many injuries. As such, Penance Gym has created a culture around the development of practical strength.

We accomplish this through our workouts, designed around Strength-Focused Interval Training.

For most coming over from a bootcamp studio (or cardio focused interval training program) this can be a bit of a shock as they'll begin working with more challenging weights and working with strength exercises that they have not seen before. While their cardio capacity is sufficient, their strength is now being tested and built. This can be a frustrating process at first but incredibly rewarding with time as:

Things that were once difficult or impossible will start to become routine or even easy - were talking about things outside the gym as well.

Increasing muscle and joint strength will reduce or even eliminate those nagging aches and pains.

Increasing muscle mass increases your base metabolic rate and reduces insulin sensitivity - you burn more calories at all times and can enjoy more freedom in your diet.

There's more, but you can read that HERE.

If you've been training at a bootcamp studio for a while and you feel like you're missing out on something, email us and lets see if were what you're looking for.

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