This Week at Penance (2/20 - 2/25)

A brief look at this week's workouts at Penance Gym in Oakland, TN and how it can help you.
Clinton Cox
February 19, 2023
This Week at Penance (2/20 - 2/25)

So beautiful outside, it's hard to believe it's February! I hope everyone got to enjoy some time outside in the fresh air and sunshine over the weekend.

Before we get into this week's workouts I have 1 quick thing to announce.

Our Penance Apparel store closes Tuesday night at midnight - the link for the store is HERE

This time around we are offering T-shirts, tanks, and a lightweight hoodie. We have also brought back the joggers that were a huge hit in December.

Now, without further ado, let's look at this week's training from a 30,000 foot view. It's a Double Durability week, which means everyone is sure to find their challenge, without feeling wrecked the rest of the day. This week also has an emphasis on our pressing musculature (chest, shoulders, triceps) as we see pressing 3 days this week.


Speaking of Durability, we start the week with our first Durability Day. This one is a longer workout, close to 40 minutes total with ample time in each movement, focusing on our pressing musculature and lower back strength & health.


On Tuesday we have an Armor workout that is a modified version of 1 we've seen before. The focus on both the workout and the following strength session will be on our legs (squats) and pulling musculature (biceps, upper back, etc).


By mid-week we see a movement that is very polarizing in Penance - the Bear Crawl - some love it, some hate it, but all can benefit from it. Wednesday is our 2nd Armor workout of the week, focused on our posterior chain and pressing musculature.


As we begin the downward slide of the week we see our 2nd Durability Day, this time emphasizing our pulling musculature and knee strength & health.


Friday we will be investing our time with an Armor workout and strength session devoted to the strength of our Core and our mobility (ability to move pain free).


We will finish out the week strong with the only Power workout of the week. Focus on our pressing ability and lower back strength & health, following a strength session with the same intentions.

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