This Week at Penance (2/6-2/11)

An overview of the week's training for the Penance Achieve class. Using our Strength-Focused Interval Training to build strength & endurance
Clint Cox
February 7, 2023
This Week at Penance (2/6-2/11)

It's the 2nd week of February, and unfortunately that means that most people that set out this year to make some changes have already given up...

But not at Penance, we are still moving forward!

Looking forward to this week, we have a handful of repeat workouts (giving our members a great chance to witness their progress) and 2 Durability workouts. With our Strength-Focused Interval Training we have 3 distinct interval structures, Durability is the structure with the least amount of rest. This means that no matter what fitness level you are, you are sure to find a great endurance & strength endurance workout on those days!

Without further ado...


We will start the week off kicking hard with a Strength session and Power workout, both intent on building the strength & capacity of our upper body pulling musculature and legs.


We slow things down (just a bit) on Tuesday with a Durability workout that is focused around the strength, endurance, and stability of our Core.

A brief overview of our Durability workout for Tuesday - It's station work!


By mid week we see our first Armor workout - focusing on our upper body pressing muscles along with our lower back strength & health. This is followed by a Strength session with the same intended focus.


On Thursday we have another Armor workout with a Strength session to follow, this time focusing on the strength and endurance of our legs and pulling muscles of the upper body.


We begin to close out the week with our 2nd Durability day, this time focused on our posterior chain & pressing muscles of the upper body.

We place a great deal of emphasis on our posterior chain strength & mobility as that is proven to be 1 of the best ways to maintain lower back health as well as our capability to live our life without limitations.


On Saturday we will end the week with the same focus that we began - upper body pulling muscles & our legs. However, this time around we are taking on an Armor workout and Strength session

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