This Week at Penance (3/13 - 3-18)

An overview of the week's training for the Penance Achieve. Strength-Focused Interval Training to build strength & endurance. Oakland, TN.
Clinton Cox
March 12, 2023
This Week at Penance (3/13 - 3-18)

It is spring break for many of the families that call Penance Gym their second home, which means they get to get outside and actually enjoy the fruits of their labor - their health and capacity to move!

[For the 30,000 foot view of this week's training, skip to the bottom]

For health, longevity, and fitness - exercise & good nutrition need to work hand-in-hand. But all-too-often we are overwhelmed with options and approaches for what good nutrition actually is.

To be able to clear through the clutter and be able offer clear and concise nutrition advice is no small task.

We have partnered with an amazing company (Macrostax) in order to efficiently and effectively provide nutrition guidance & accountability (to both members and non-members). If you missed the deadline to get in on the 8-week Nutrition Challenge, no worries, we are also accepting nutrition clients outside of the challenge. This will be an on-going service from us at Penance as good nutrition is too important to put on the backburner.

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