This Week at Penance (3/20-3/25)

An overview of the week's training for the Penance Achieve. Strength-Focused Interval Training to build strength & endurance. Oakland, TN.
Clinton Cox
March 20, 2023
This Week at Penance (3/20-3/25)

Spring is here, although you would not have thought so this passed weekend, and we are ready for it!

Our transformation challenge starts this week, and I can only hope that the members that have had the commitment to sign up are as excited for it (and their progress) as I am! In this challenge we will be using the next 8 weeks to help build better habits and mentality around our nutrition, and for most this will also involve the difficult task of breaking through some heavily conditioned beliefs around their food.

If you missed out on the transformation challenge - no worries - through our partnership with MacroStax, we are still able to work with members and non-members to help guide to better nutritional habits (and the results that come from it!)

As for this week's training...

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