This Week at Penance Gym (1/30 - 2/4)

The workout structure schedule for this week (Jan 30 - Feb 4)
Clint Cox
February 1, 2023
This Week at Penance Gym (1/30 - 2/4)

Getting a late start on putting this blog posting out there (our training software was down for most of the day), but that wasn't going to stop us either way.

We have a great week ahead planned for our amazing members at Penance!


We start the week with an Armor workout and strength session working to build our posterior chain and upper body pressing strength.


On Tuesday we have our only Durability Day of this week, focused on building strength & endurance in our upper body pulling musculature as well as improving knee health & capacity.


On Wednesday this week we will be getting after our core strength with a strength session and a Power workout.


We begin the backside of the week focused on our back health (lower back more specifically) as well as our upper body pressing musculature.


On Friday we will get after those legs this week with plenty of squats (and even some lunges by the end) along with the muscles of our arms and upper back.


We'll finish out the week with a 2nd Power workout, this time focused on the posterior chain & pressing musculature - and it will follow a strength session with the same emphasis.

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