What Are Macros?

I get asked occasionally, "What are Macros, and how are they different from Calories?"
Clinton Cox
March 9, 2023
What Are Macros?

I get asked occasionally, "What are Macros, and how are they different from Calories?"

Let's get into it - I'll try to keep it brief, but if you want to discuss in greater detail, just email us!

You've, no doubt, heard of Vitamins & Minerals - these are your MICRO-nutrients. Micro-nutrients are needed by the body in order to function, but micro-nutrients do not provide energy directly.

MACRO-nutrients consists of your Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates. Macro-nutrients are needed in higher quantities as they are the body's source for chemical energy, Calories.

Yep, Calories are nothing more than a unit of measure for the energy that you are providing your body (this is 1 reason that people are so tired and rundown when they deprive themselves on super low calorie diets.

The reason that macro-nutrient balance is important is that each of these macro-nutrients support the body in a different way, and each causes a different hormonal response within the body. Hormones are responsible for your body deciding between fat storage or fat utilization (burning) after each meal.


This is where most of us miss the mark, way undershooting. Protein is needed to build & support muscle tissue (and muscle tissue burns more calories all on its own!)


Most people get plenty of fats in their daily food, however it is normally artificially manufactured fats that can cause a cascading effect of inflammation in the body. Nuts, seeds, and animal fats are much better options (just like our grandparents did).


In our modern world we are absolutely bombarded with excess carbohydrates daily. It is the absolute cheapest macro-nutrient to manufacture, so in our "bigger is better" world, they are in everything.

You are only given 1 body, and it is made of what you eat. It is worth it to start paying attention to that.

I'll be back soon with top sources for each of these Macro-nutrients - any questions in the meantime, just email me at Clint@PenanceGym.com

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