What to Expect on Your First Day in the Gym in Oakland, TN

A summary of the normal hurdles that someone meets on their first day in a gym, and how Penance Gym eliminates those hurdles.
Clint Cox
February 14, 2023
What to Expect on Your First Day in the Gym in Oakland, TN

About a year ago, LifeHacker.com published an article regarding what to expect when you go to the gym for the first time. Upon reading the article, it is abundantly clear that they are referring to a commercial gym (didn’t take much deducing as they mention it in the 2nd paragraph).

You can find the article here

The article does a great job of covering many of the questions that someone that is brand new to the idea of going to a gym, and some questions that they may not have even known that they had.

As I read the article, I could not help but notice that the vast majority of the issues and moments of embarrassment that they are trying to minimize are all but eliminated when someone decides to work with a coaching focused gym, such as Penance Gym.

Having a great time in the gym

For example, the example that is presented:

- checking the website to see if a 1 day pass is offered and trying to learn the lay of the gym

- strolling in at what (you hope) is less crowded hours and hope that someone is there to greet you and maybe show you around and answer questions

- needing to find a place in the gym to set up shop and watch where everything is and how people use it

- worrying if the introductory personal training session is going to be a sleazy upsell, after putting you through a workout that is designed to make you feel horrible about yourself

- having to worry about how to respond if someone asks “how many sets you have left” or offers unsolicited advice

By contrast, your first experience with Penance Gym:

- entering the gym office, where the General Manager is waiting for you and greets you by name, because you had already scheduled a complimentary consultation HERE

- an in-depth conversation in which you can answer any questions you may before even stepping foot onto the floor, and more afterwards if they arise

- being able and encouraged to talk about your goals (your real goals) and what you are looking for with regards to your health, and then receiving an honest opinion whether or not we are even the best place for you and what you are looking for

- if we’re not, we’ll point you in the direction of a better fit for you!

Personal attention and instructon

Now if we (you and us) decide that we’re the place for you - that’s when the process really looks different than the commercial gym that the original article was written for, and we get to truly show our value.

- we design a program to help you reach your goals

- we coach you, rather than abandoning you

- we adjust and adapt the program and plan as needed to fit obstacles and plateaus

- you always feel welcomed and encouraged to answer questions as they arise

Now, it is worth mentioning that we are more expensive than commercial gyms, but the vastly superior experience and improved results is more than worth it.

If you would like the opportunity to sit down and discuss your goals and obstacles with us, book your free consultation HERE.

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