Clint Cox

Clint Cox

Owner & Head Coach


About Coach

Clint has been active in Strength & Conditioning for about two decades and has been working in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. His work is driven by his passion for helping others develop and grow, as well as maintaining their quality of life. He started out working with high school and collegiate athletes and found he was drawn to this type of work because it was rewarding in many ways. He loved watching them succeed on the field, court, or track. He also enjoyed getting to know these kids outside of sports. This made him very happy as he had helped them get better at something they cared about so much. After becoming a father late in 2010, Clint’s own fitness goals shifted toward longevity and quality of life. With that came a focus on helping clients reduce and eliminate pain, and return to activities that they once loved. On any given day you can find Clint working with our Achieve group class, leading developing team sport athletes to new levels of ability and performance, or working 1-to-1 with clients to help them eliminate pains and frustrations that they had previously accepted to just be a part of their life.

Turning Point

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